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Fowler's Digestive Tonic Questions

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Digestive Tonic Answers

Q. Can I take the Digestive Tonic every day?

A. For ideal results, use one tablespoon of Fowler’s Digestive Tonic three times a day before each meal. Our product is formulated with natural ingredients that stimulate digestion by improving the flow of bile, which the body uses to digest fats. Ongoing daily use will promote improvement in your digestive health.     ^TOP

Q. Should I take the Digestive Tonic before or after meals?

A. You can take Fowler’s Digestive Tonic any time you experience symptoms of indigestion. However, it is preferable to take the product on a daily basis. We recommend taking one tablespoon as-is or diluted with water before each meal, three times a day.     ^TOP

Q. Can I give Fowler’s Digestive Tonic to my child?

A. Fowler’s Digestive Tonic was created as a natural-source dietary supplement for adults.     ^TOP

Q. Do I need a prescription for Fowler’s Digestive Tonic?

A. You do not need a prescription. Fowler’s Digestive Tonic is available as an Over-The-Counter (OTC) medication.     ^TOP

Q. Why does Fowler's Digestive Tonic contain oil of peppermint?

A. Peppermint has been traditionally used for centuries as a natural remedy for digestive relief such as indigestion. Peppermint oil can soothe nausea, vomiting, cramps, diarrhea, gas, and other indigestion symptoms by reducing spasms of the colon and intestinal tract, and, due to the presence of thymol and eugenol, balance oral and intestinal flora, thereby reducing fermentation of undigested food.     ^TOP

Q. Is the silicon in Fowler's Digestive Tonic a natural-source ingredient?

A. The silicon in Fowler’s Digestive Tonic is naturally sourced from equisetum arvense, a plant that is commonly known in herbal medicine as “horsetail.”     ^TOP

Anti-Diarrheal Answers

Q. What Causes Diarrhea?

A. Diarrhea is usually a symptom of an infection of the bowel caused by viruses, bacteria or parasites. Some of the most common causes of diarrhea are:

  • Food poisoning
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Drinking too much coffee/caffeinated beverages
  • Food allergies
  • Irritation or alteration of the lining of the intestines due to radiotherapy or prescribed medications


Q. Does the Anti-Diarrheal Suspension have to be refrigerated?

A. Fowler’s Anti-Diarrheal Oral Suspension does not require refrigeration. However, it should be stored below 25°C and should be protected from freezing.     ^TOP

Q. Are Fowler’s Anti- Diarrheal Tablets intended to be swallowed or chewed?

A. Fowler’s Anti- Diarrheal Tablets are designed to be swallowed whole. If you are incapable of swallowing tablets, try our Fowler’s Anti-Diarrheal Oral Suspension.     ^TOP

Q. Does the product expire?

A. All Fowler’s products are stamped with an expiration date. The product’s potency diminishes with time and efficacy cannot be guaranteed past the printed expiration date. Do not use expired products – these should be discarded safely. Ask your pharmacy if they participate in a medication disposal program.     ^TOP

Q. Do I need a prescription for Fowler’s anti-diarrheal?

A. You do not need a prescription. Fowler’s Anti-Diarrheal Oral Suspension and Tablets are available as Over-The-Counter (OTC) medications.     ^TOP

Q. Does Fowler’s Anti-Diarrheal cause constipation?

A. Fowler’s Anti-Diarrheal is non-systemic (not absorbed into the bloodstream); therefore, it helps restore and maintain your body rhythms naturally by normalizing your bowel movements, not shutting them down. However, in some circumstances, the product may cause mild and transient constipation.     ^TOP

Q. Can I give Fowler’s Anti-Diarrheal to my child?

A. Yes, Fowler’s Anti-Diarrheal in either its Oral Suspension or Tablets formats can be taken by children. However, the dosage and minimum age for consumption varies depending on the format. Fowler’s Anti-Diarrheal Oral Suspension can be taken by children as young as three years of age, while Fowler’s Anti-Diarrheal Tablets can be taken by children as young as six years old.     ^TOP

Q. What is the correct dosage of Fowler’s Anti-Diarrheal?

A. Dosages by product:

Anti-Diarrheal Oral Suspension
Adults & children 12 years of age and over: 4 tsp. (20 mL)
Children 6 to 12 years of age: 2 tsp. (10 mL)
Children 3 to 6 years of age: 1 tsp (5 mL)

Anti-Diarrheal Tablets
Adults 2 tablets initially then 2 tablets following each bowel movement to a maximum of 14 tablets in 24 hours. 
Children 6 to 12 years of age: One half of adult dose 
Not for children under 6 years of age.



Echinacea with Thyme Answers

Q. What are the benefits of Thyme when combined with Echinacea?

A. Echinacea and thyme are two of nature’s best-known infection fighters. Thyme is well known in herbal medicine for its expectorant and cough-relieving properties. Thyme relieves cough by helping break up mucus. It is also used to help relieve the symptoms of bronchitis and other upper respiratory tract infections.     ^TOP

Q. Should I take Echinacea with Thyme if I already have a cold?

A. While it is a good idea to take these infection-fighting supplements before a cold sets in, echinacea and thyme can reduce the severity of symptoms and shorten the duration of coughs and colds. At the first sign of possible infection, echinacea can be used to boost the immune system, as it helps your body produce more white blood cells which help fight off viral infections. In this manner, its use is recommended as a preventative natural remedy against viruses.     ^TOP

Q. Why does it say "High Potency" on the package?

A. Fowler's provides a superior, liquid form of echinacea, made in Denmark under strict E.U./Canada Regulations and quality standards. The high extract ratio delivers a potency equivalent to 500 mg per 1 mL dose, which results in a significantly lower cost per dose when compared to similar liquid echinacea products.     ^TOP

Q. What is the benefit of Fowler's liquid formulation compared to standard capsules?

A. Aside from being easier to swallow than tablets and capsules. There are many other benefits of taking echinacea and thyme in a liquid formulation rather than the standard capsules:

  • Faster absorption. Your digestive system can absorb a liquid extract in 1-4 minutes while capsules or tablets can take up to 30 minutes.
  • Better bioavailability. The beneficial substances are absorbed into your system more efficiently.
  • Longer shelf life. Liquid extracts are generally less affected by heat and humidity than capsules and tablets, thus giving them a longer shelf life.
  • Easier to digest. As we age, our bodies don’t digest tablets and capsules as easily. In some cases, pills can pass through our system without being broken down, which is the case especially for people on acid blockers. A liquid formulation is ideal for digestion.


Q. I know Echinacea and Thyme help fight off infections, but are they also good for my digestive health?

A. In herbal medicine, echinacea has been recognized as having a wide range of general health benefits. Thyme has also been traditionally used not only to boost your immune and respiratory systems, but also your digestive system by relieving flatulent dyspepsia and colic (carminative). Thyme contains anti-inflammatory properties that promote good digestion, while reducing gas and bloating.     ^TOP

Q. Can I take the product if I am pregnant or nursing?

A. Although echinacea is generally considered safe for pregnant and nursing women, there is not enough data to definitively conclude that there are no risks associated with its use. If you are pregnant and want to take echinacea, you should talk to your doctor first before consuming any type of herbal supplements.     ^TOP